Highway 9: released 2013

Highway 9 is debut 10 song cd.  This cd was added to top 30 add list on The College Radio Journal.   The album includes the critically acclaimed single Where Were You When My Dad Became a Hero" and the award winning song "Corporation Man".  Available everywhere.  I tunes, CD Baby, and our Facebook music store.

Reinvented: released 2014

Multiple Award winning second cd


3 tracks have received NSAI's Ones to Watch for songwriting 


"Reinvented" title track winner of Mid Atlantic Songwriting Conest songwriter award


"Reinvented" track win Akademia Award for Best Song March 2015 in Hard Rock category


"Prospect Ave" winner of Akademia Award Best Song Rock/Americana June 2015

Pen of Cowards: 2016 Akademia Award "Best Rock Song" September 2016


Reinvented number one single KXRL Radio in Los Angeles June 2015

Digital release only (2018)
The Rhythm Surf Monkeys
latest release is their fourth album in 5 years.
this cd contains 10 rocking songs guaranteed to fire you up.  Our sound has been described as 
"New Classic" Rock, check it out for yourself.
"RSM" CD was named one of the top 300 Rock CDs released in 2017 internationally by Music Through The Times Magazine.  
"RSM" is played internationally in France and can be Heard on Radio Coteaux.
Roll On: released August 2016

Roll On is the follow up cd to 2014 "Reinvented"  This cd contains Carolina Moonshiner which marks the debut of singer Scott Wilson to the band.  RSM plays multiple tracks off this cd during its live sets.  

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